Niche Wine 2018 Small Batch Bubbles

by | Nov 6, 2019 | BC Wine

From grape to glass Niche Wine Co. stays completely in the family. Kathleen and Jerry Schlosser grow the grapes and Joanne and James Schlosser make the wine. Clean and simple, much like their Small Batch Bubbles.

The vineyard sits on an elevation of 620 metres in West Kelowna making for a cooler climate with little access to water and gravel-like soil. The resulting wine is bright and minerally with a dry finish that starts rather acidic but calms down as it opens up to reveal those creamy flavours.

Fermented in stainless steel drums, the Schlosser left the bubbles on lees (leftover yeast particles from the fermentation) and stirred weekly for five months to encourage that buttery flavour.

The Schlosser’s recommend enjoying their Small Batch Bubbles with crêpes, caviar (naturally), and anything buttery. We tested the wine with gravy and stuffing (because it was Thanksgiving) and we entirely agree that this sparkling is amazing with creamy cheeses, gravy, mash potatoes infused with a lot of butter and sour cream, and pumpkin pie with loads of whip cream.

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Excellent work. Well done you. Bravo.

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