Celebrating BC Cider Week? Try These…

This BC Cider Week we stretched our palate with three very different ciders.

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Food + Drink

Bottle of Creek & Gully Pet Nat and Century Cider

Creek & Gully ‘Century’ Cider


Annelise Simonsen and Kaleigh Jorgensen are friends turned sisters-in-laws and co-owners of the Naramata Cidery, Creek & Gully. The two, along with newly hired cider-maker Alyssa Hubert, focus on making natural non-interventionalist cider using the C-grade, or ‘ugly,’ fruit from Simonsen’s apple orchard. The orchard has been a part of the family for generations – Simonsen is the 5th generation – and the apples used to make ‘Century’ are from Red Delicious apple trees planted 106 years ago by her great-great-grandfather Hans Salting. Mixed with Jonagold and Dolgo Crab apples, this cider is floral, dry, fruity and a little bit funky.

Tave’s Gooseberry Cider 


Taves in Abbotsford is another multi-generational farm that is best known for its Applebarn experience and soft apple cider, but the Taves family have branched into hard cider making with Taves Estate Cidery. They’ve released a line of barnyard animal themed ciders like Billy’s Best Apple Cider and Rooster’s Red Currant Cider. We’ve taken them all down, but our favourite is Gander’s Gooseberry Cider. It’s not quite as dry and funky as the Billy’s, but the gooseberry adds a tartness that made us pucker up and take notice.

Taves' Gander's Gooseberry Cider
La Petite Abeille Pear Cider

La Petite Abeille Pear Cider


La Petite Abeille cidery is new to Naramata and only opened it’s doors a few weeks back in July. Specializing in French cider-making style, where ciders are more akin to sparkling wine, the new cidery has focused on pear and apple ciders with their signature cider being a Pear Charmat made with champagne yeast and Bartlett pears. The result is an extremely crisp and bubbly cider. It’s a bit above our pay grade at $40 per 750 ml bottle, so we opted to take home the more pedestrian pear cider at $25. The bubbles aren’t quite as tight as the Charmat, which allows for more pear notes to creep through while maintaining that dry finish. 

Blackberry, blueberry and strawberry rhubarb fruit wine from Maan Farms

Break from the grape with Maan Farms’ Fruit Wine

We ditched the pinot for a minute to try Maan Farms’ fruit wine. It did not disappoint.

We try Road 13's super delicious Honest John's Rosé

Road 13 Honest John’s Rosé Is My Unofficial Wine Of COVID-19

On the eve of the COVID-19 ‘implosion,’ I grabbed a bottle of Road 13’s Honest John’s Rosé, sat on a park bench and had no regrets.

Niche Wine Co.’s Small Batch Bubbles

Niche Wine 2018 Small Batch Bubbles

From grape to glass Niche Wine Co. stays completely in the family. We tried their 2018 release of their Small Batch Bubbles.

2018 Grüner Veltliner

The Grüner Veltliner Singletree Winery

We try the cool-fermented 2018 Grüner Veltliner from Fraser Valley’s Singletree Winery.

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