Small Batch Is An Exploration…

Photo Credit | Laura Scotten, Two Peas Photography

I found Small Batch Vancouver on one question: where does our food actually come from? By ‘our food’ I mean the food available to us in British Columbia, not Canada, not North America, but here in this province. Often the information available to us is from American media, and this made me wonder, without clear answers, how our food system is the same and how it is different. As Small Batch has evolved, I have realized that there are more important questions to ask, like what is available locally? Where do I find it? And why is it hard to find it?

Small Batch is a platform dedicated to the food makers, the beverage producers, the farmers, and the families who make up our $20 billion food industry. It’s a platform those just starting and those who have been making food for generations. It’s a platform for those who feel a calling to support local food and those who just want to eat really good food. Small Batch Vancouver is an exploration for me and, hopefully, for you.

– Abby Wiseman


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