Tasty and Nourishing soups is one of those hidden gems you find at the Farmers Market. 

Hearty and comforting, Adriana Zezula tapped into her Czech roots, making unpretentious European-style soups like borscht, goulash, chorizo and bean and split pea.

Zezula studied nutrition in Montreal and became interested in learning about the eating habits of isolated societies who had not adopted the contemporary way of eating. All of them had one thing in common – bone broth.

She adopted this pre-industrial way of eating and shares her passion for nutrient-rich food at Farmers markets around the Lower Mainland. She travels to different markets weekly, so check in on her calendar to see if she is at one near you.


Made with beef broth this goulash is aromatic and deeply satisfying. Made with stew beef in a beef broth, this stew pairs well with roasted vegetable or pappardelle pasta and a dollop of sour cream.

Bean and Chorizo

A twist on the classic pork and beans, this soup is made with chicken broth, this soup is thick and hearty with a hint of spice. Good on it’s own, but also good served on rice or roasted potatoes.


This chunky borscht is made with a vegetarian broth and is rich in vegetables. Some borscht can be too earthy tasting, but a hint of citrus brightens and cinnamon balances the beets and brightens the flavour.

Cold Pea

Zezula serves this cold soup in a cup with a straw at farmers markets. This vegan soup is defies what you think about pea soup and is herbaceous and very refreshing. A must try for the health conscious.

by | Jun 26, 2018

Photos: Laura Scotten/Two Peas Photography

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