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by | Aug 5, 2018 | Drink, Food + Drink

Evolve Winery Riesling

We’re getting into the dog days of summer where walking a block takes effort and the desire for a thirst quenching beverage is high priority. Fortunately, Evolve Cellars 2016 Riesling will whet anyone’s dry palate and make you want just another sip.At first sip the Evolve Riesling has distinct mineral and stone fruit flavours, which opens up into a rich buttery smooth wine with a light floral finish.The Evolve Riesling won Wine of the Year at the British Columbia Best of Varietal Wine Awards, at the 2018 Okanagan Wine Festival. We can see why it won and recommend drinking this wine with a good friend in a park, at sunset if you really want to maximize your enjoyment of this vintage.

Blue Grouse Ortega

Something about Blue Grouse Winery’s Estate Ortega makes you instantly suck down a couple oysters and a lightly seared scallop. There is no mistaking that this is the wine to enjoy with your your fresh clams, grilled shrimp skewers – with butter sauce – and forage mushrooms.

The Ortega grape is a well loved varietal for Island winemakers and does well in colder climates. The wine has a light floral aroma, which is grounded by flavours of citrus and earthy nuttiness. It’s the combination of the acidity and earthiness that makes this wine a fantastic pair with rich fruits de mer.

Time Winery Rosé

Some rosé is lighter in colour and body with dry and ethereal flavours. This is not kind of rosé. The 2016 Time Rosé is ruby red in colour with juicy, bold berry flavours. It walks the line on sweet, but stays on the dry side and finishes with a hint of grapefruit.

Time Winery is also a part of the Encore Vineyards family and only opened its doors in Penticton this Spring. They took over and old movie theatres and repurposed the space into a full urban winery with tasting room and restaurant. Definitely something to check out when you need a break from the lakes.

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