Biota Fermentation’s Napa Kimchi

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Food + Drink

Biota Fermentation has recently undergone a rebrand and we have to applaud them for their beautiful new design that takes their fermented foods to a whole new level of fun.

But it’s not about the packaging, it’s about the product, so we decided to test out their Napa Kimchi to see if the stuff inside the jar is as good as it looks.

Kimchi can be so acidic that getting through a few pieces is like taking down a tablespoon of vinegar. Then, just to make your face contort into even more fun shapes, you get hit in the face with a heavy assault of spice, which annihilates your taste buds and leaves you sweating.

This is not that kind of kimchi.

Biota’s Napa Kimchi is made with big juicy chunks of napa cabbage, ginger, chilli, onion and garlic. They massage the salt (from Vancouver Island Salt Co.) into the cabbage, which gives it a really smooth texture.

The first bite of cabbage gushes ginger juice, which is met with chilli spice that takes the flavour all the way home. It’s spicy, but not overpowering. It’s tangy, but not vinegary. It’s smooth, balanced and refreshing. 

Isn’t it great when the food is as good as the packaging?


The Details

  • Fermented
  • Vegan
  • Supports local farmers

  • Organic (uncertified)

10 places you’ll find Biota Fermentation.

Windsor Meats Mackenzie Height

4889 MacKenzie St, Vancouver

East End Food Co-Op

1034 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

Lee’s Market

23320 Mavis Ave, Langley

BluHouse Market & Cafe

4342 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver

Pete’s Meats

2817 Arbutus St, Vancouver

Home on the Range Organics

235 E Broadway, Vancouver

The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples

3718 Main St, Vancouver

Foxy Farm Market

108 W 1st St, North Vancouver

The Little Butcher

245 Newport Dr, Port Moody,

West Wood Organics

2307 W 41st Ave, Vancouver

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