Milner Valley Cheese

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Food + Drink

If you like cheese so fresh that you can pet the goats that make it, then you are going to like Milner Valley Cheese.

Located in rural Langley, visiting Milner Valley Cheese farm is like taking a step back in time where goats graze on the greenest grass and the air is fragrant with hay and livestock.

The goats are lined up to be milked in a building in the back and visitors can peek through windows to watch the pasteurization process and cheeses being aged on racks.

Time slows down at the farm. Even the llama who protects the goats looks up at you lazily, slow to assess whether you present a threat.

If the farm is not your scene, you are going to have to go there if you want to try goat cheese that is the very definition of farm fresh.

Milner Valley Cheese is set on 50 acres of historic land in Langley. Marianne Smith and her husband Glenn are fourth generation owners of the property, which was purchased by Glenn’s great-grandfather in the 1880s from the Hudson Bay Company.

In the 90s, Marianne and Glenn sold off the herd of cattle that occupied the land and started an ever expanding hobby goat farm. Marianne used the fresh milk to make cheese and eventually decided to take her craft public, selling an array of pasteurized goat cheeses exclusively out of the farm, making Milner Valley Cheese a destination for those touring the Valley.

We sampled the milner jack, colby, manchego and caerphilly from Milner Valley Cheese. Choosing a stand out was incredibly difficult, but the Colby is definitely not to be missed.

Milner Valley Cheese is made from the milk of long-eared Nubian, Alpine and pure-white Saanen goat.

Milner Jack

With a consistency of a ripened mozzarella it a makes for a good all-purpose cheese.  Mild in flavour, this cheese is awesome for melting and perfect for pizza.


The colby is medium-flavoured and just pungent enough to satisfy the stinky cheese lovers. Semi-soft and a little crumbly, this cheese is perfect for salads, cheese boards or on its own. 


This style of cheese originates from the La Mancha region in Spain and is an aged cheese with a firmer texture. Complex in flavour, this cheese is sharp at the front and a little sweet. An awesome addition to a cheese platter and pairs nicely with fruit. 


This Welsh cheese was made for coal miners to replenish their salt intake, proving that the best foods is usually borne out of tough circumstances. This cheese has a similar consistency to the Manchego, but the flavour is much more rich and a little less sharp, making it a more robust and pungent cheese. Definitely a perfect cheese to pair with a pinot noir.

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