Koji Fine Foods produces hand crafted small batch Koji Fermented Foods. Koji itself, is the fundamental catalyst for fermentation of Soy sauce, Miso, Sake, Amazake and many other products. The first Koji product they have released is a little known and highly versatile seasoning called Koji Salt, Koji Salt is Koji Rice that has been fermented to create a wonderfully tasty and umami rich replacement for traditional Salt in recipes.

If a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of salt, substitute with 2 teaspoons of Koji salt and you will receive better than 75% less sodium with a miraculous increase in flavour and Umami. They like to call it their “wet salt’ if you have a recipe that requires mixing and calls for salt, use KojiSalt. Soups, sauces, dressing, marinades, baking. The possibilities and uses for Koji salt are endless.


About Denver Mace

Koji Fine Foods is owned and operated by Denver Mace. You may have seen Denver at the local farmers markets selling his Koji Salt, telling his wonderful story of how he found Koji.

In 2012 Denver had a close family member undergoing chemo therapy, who had lost their sense of Taste. However, the one flavour that they could taste was the richness and umami of soy sauce. At that point Denver went looking for a way to replicate the umami flavour of soy sauce without the high sodium and not have everything taste like soy sauce. Upon doing some internet research, Denver discovered a popular Japanese ingredient called Shio Koji, or as translated, Koji Salt.

After a disappointing search for Shio Koji at the specialty and mainstream grocery stores, Denver started experimenting with making his own Koji Fermented foods. Since that time in 2012 he has continuously produced his Koji for his own family and friends. With their overwhelming encouragement he worked up the courage to start his little side hustle business, where he has introduced Koji Salt to the farmers markets. His farmers market journey has not been a simple process.

The challenge of teaching a completely new food product to the local health departments, market managers and customers has come with is hurled and roadblocks. Through all of the challenges Denver has kept a smile on his face and works very hard to teach anyone and everyone the magic and mystery of Koji.

After six months at the farmers markets he has now heard and seen the feedback from Customers who buy again, tell their friends and wonder how they have lived for so long having never heard of this secret ingredient before. Denver has now moved into a new commissary kitchen at YVR Preps in Burnaby where he has expanded his production. With Koji Salt being market ready Denver is working towards expanding his product line to include many other of his delicious Koji fermented foods. Stay tuned for the updates and news for this innovative little start up.

After finding success with customers at the farmers markets Denver has now expanded into retail where as of writing you can find Koji Salt at two Kins Farmers Market locations at W10th near UBC and the Kerrisdale locations. Denver is actively looking for new retailers who are looking to support local small batch producers. Hopefully you will see Koji Salt at some other retailers near you.



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Excellent work. Well done you. Bravo.

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