There are over 35 cideries, or wineries and breweries who make cider, in BC and only two of those are in the Lower Mainland. One of those is Fraser Valley Cider.

Rachel Bolongaro is the owner of Fraser Valley Cider Co. She was a chemical engineer in Switzerland before she switched gears and put her engineering background to a different passion – cider.

Her and her husband bought a 12 acre farm near Fort Langley and planted 1800 fruit trees of 25 different varieties. In 2015 they built the cidery and every year since have sold out of their English-style cider and added new products to the lineup.

This year is the first time Fraser Valley Cider Co. have pressed fruit from their orchard to make to make a special estate blend that can be enjoyed sitting on their lovely outdoor patio complete with Adirondack chairs – perfect for a lazy country day in the Valley.

We tried the House and the Elderflower cider from Fraser Valley Cider Co.

The House is a classic effervescent and light dry apple cider. The first sip threatens to be sweet, but a hint of alcohol, fermented fruit and floral flavours stops the sugar in its tracks, making for a wonderfully complex cider.

Elderflowers are the flowers of the Elderbush that is found in the UK and northern Europe. It’s flavour is unique and floral, but not overwhelmingly so like rose or lavender. Elderflower cider is a staple in the UK and Northern Europe, but not so common in BC. The Elderflower cider from Fraser Valley Cider Co. has a nice balance of floral, sweetness and that dry fermentation that grounds it before it gets too flowery. A fantastic sip to enjoy on a sunny summer day, preferably on an Adirondack chair.

The Elder Bush has strong routes in Celtic mythology and it was thought if you fell asleep under the it you would dream of Faerie lands. If you drink enough elderflower cider do you have a better chance of meeting these fabled faeries?